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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

We have made progress in our coding. Devin and Robert have successfully programmed an entire circuit puzzle for the game. The circuit puzzle comes complete with what is called a sanity check. The sanity check makes sure the puzzle in the game is solvable so the player will not have to waste his or her time trying to solve an unsolvable puzzle. The puzzle does not have graphics yet as we want to get all of the logic down for the game before adding graphics. Pictures will be up shortly of our work.


Service Learning Day Two

Today was a productive day. We got eclipse working on our computers, and began our framework for our code. Michael started the concept art. Robert drew up a specific class layout for our game and coded a high level layout of the classes. Zayd learned XML code and has begun learning how to parse with it. Devin began coding one of the puzzles for the game. Matt helped Michael with the concept art design. We plan to continue what we were doing today and develop our game, and answer any questions YTF may have for our group. A picture of the game layout will be up shortly.

Game Overview



There were delays getting this overview completed, but we have completed it. Please take the time to read it thoroughly and feel free to give suggestions on the idea. Again, we want this game to appeal to the largest possible audience, and to do so we will make sure there’s no graphic violence or anything that will make the game inappropriate for any age group. We would really appreciate feedback.