Today was a productive day.  At first we ran into physics problems within our game.  Whenever our player object would run into a corner of a wall, it would slide through the wall halfway and then hit the wall, when it was supposed to slide with the wall without phasing through it.  But after testing and retesting, we were able to fix the problem and continue working.  Devin then set up collision between different shapes of objects.  Zayd worked on XML parsing, and is nearly done with the process.  Matt worked on circular object collision.  Robert helped everyone out and made the sample level out of the code contributed by everyone.  We plan to integrate the AI and enemy entities, and also rendering puzzles.  Michael plans to set up and create the PayPal accounts to donate towards YTF.  By the end of today we will have a YouTube video that will demo our sample level that we will post shortly on this blog and our Facebook page.