Today, we accomplished quite a bit. Robert worked on finishing off the level editor (its SO near completion) as well as helped Zayd with puzzles. Devin worked on AI and noding while Matt worked on miscellaneous game topics involving physics, such as ice tiles. Michael worked on better cohesion between our group and YTF. We even had Lauren come in and do some of our art (e.g. LASERS!!!). Our biggest challenge today was organizing the actual sale of the game. We want to be able to keep the intellectual rights, but we also want to donate the game to YTF, so we are still looking for a feasible solution. A minor issue was that Mr. Gregory(service learning director) was untraceable, so we still do not know whether we are going to present in the Multimedia Lecture Hall or the Theater in the Arts Building. This is a small, yet pressing issue, because as we approach the 30th, we need to know what kind of projector we are going to be working with so that we can buy the necessary cables to have a live demonstration of the game.