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Game Overview



There were delays getting this overview completed, but we have completed it. Please take the time to read it thoroughly and feel free to give suggestions on the idea. Again, we want this game to appeal to the largest possible audience, and to do so we will make sure there’s no graphic violence or anything that will make the game inappropriate for any age group. We would really appreciate feedback.



Service Learning Day 1

We have made contact and gotten our idea approved by the charity YTF. However, we are slightly behind on the programming end, but will catch up very soon. We decided to take time to get our concept on paper before working on more specific programming.

We have gotten our idea approved, as well as solidified our concept. We worked on a UI (user interface) and gameplay mechanics.

The only setback we was learning to use the android environment. This can be easily overcome because we can learn it on our own and not have to meet as a group to understand the concepts.

We have received little help from our panel so far because we have not needed assistance yet.

We plan to begin coding our game by next Service Learning Day.  Robert will be working on graphics, while the rest of us will be working on game code.  We will talk to YTF and ask them for permission to their logos, trademarks, etc.  We plan on learning to use the Android SDK.

We will post a copy of our UI in an attachment as well as the letter explaining the game.



Project Proposal

Our area of interest is computer programming and technology.  We would like to help people who don’t have the opportunities to utilize today’s technology.  We plan to apply what we learn in AP Computer Science and utilize our skills in Java programming to create a game on the Android SDK (Software Development Kit).  This game aims to aid companies who provide technology opportunities to disadvantaged people, by increasing awareness and providing revenue for these companies.  We plan to give 100% of the proceeds to the charities.

Some of the charities we plan to work with are One Laptop Per Child, and YTF (Youth for Technology Foundation). Both are Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) that supply disadvantaged children worldwide, especially in West Africa and the United States, with technology they can use to aid their education.

We aim to give people around the world opportunities to access technology that is readily available to us so that these people can have the tools for education, health, etc.  These needs must be addressed because technology is becoming a very important aspect of our lifestyle as well as a very important tool for our education.

We want to open a line of communication between Sage Hill and these NPOs to increase awareness and accumulate revenue for them through the Android Application.

By March, we aim to have finished and published on the Android Market a functional and appealing game with an integrated donation feature.  The Android Market generates a huge amount of revenue daily.  This is a way to tap into that market to aid a good cause and encourage people to donate to charity because they get something out of it.


October 27th- complete all concept art, contact with charities, idea of how game is going to work, story line, start programming.

November 10th- continue programming, organize work division, give specific information to organization


January 26th- Finish basic framework the game, begin level design


February 26th- creating sprites, textures (all game art work), and continue level design


March 3rd- Finish level design, polishing the game, organize payment through PayPal to organization


March 30th- Published on Android Market, and supplying laptops ad charities with money


*summer and next year*- continue with updates and improvements to the game, including multiplayer


We will measure success by how far we go in game development and how many specific parts of the game we have finished programming.  When it is put on the Android Market we will measure success by how many copies sold and what reviewers think of our game.